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For NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction we embarked on a journey with the hope of creating a photography feature in which we could showcase the work of old school purists and new school adventurers. To our delight we came across Sean Tucker, who appears to be a bit of both.

Sean is a photographer living and working in London, who does a little bit of everything.  We asked him to weigh in on his process, motivation, and plans for the future.

Sean Tucker


Like what you see? Well here a few more images, taken from Sean’s Instagram account.

Sean Tucker 3

Sean Tucker 2

Sean Tucker 1


If you would like to see Sean’s work on a recurring basis, you can follow him. On Instagram. On Twitter. Not in real life – that’s a bit creepy.

To read more about Sean Tucker, all you have to do is download your very own NICE Magazine. Right here:

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