Froback Friday: Gerhard van Wyk

Just for today we’ve had to institute Froback Friday. Before you ask – no, it’s not about bringing back Fros, so keep that comb in the box under your bed. Froback Friday is taking place today because we got so busy yesterday that we didn’t have time to make a Throwback Thursday post. We’re sorry for neglecting you.

Fro (sorry, FOR) Froback Friday we’re looking at the imaginative Gerhard van Wyk who we featured in NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction. Gerhard is the self-described head honcho at Thispencil Studios in Pretoria, South Africa. His contribution to our Art Fight editorial was magical, you should check it out. Here are two of his older illustrations which we thought were pretty cool:



You’ve seen his older work, buy you might still find yourself asking, “what is he doing now?” Here are a few of Gerhard’s recent illustrations that we feel are exceptionally fantastic:






Still haven’t downloaded your copy of NICE Magazine? Well, lucky for you we’ve got this handy little link to download your very own copy, just click the image below:

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