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One of the questions we asked contributors of the latest NICE Magazine during their interviews was “What’s the best thing you’ve found online or in general lately?” We were given some great answers, linking us to some very interesting content.

We thought that we’d break some of these down into bite size chunks for you to have a quick look at. We’re calling this ‘The Best Thing’ and we’re doing it on Mondays to get your week off to a great (and sometimes wierd) start. Enjoy.

Our first post for The Best Thing comes to you courtesy of NICE Magazine: Contrast and Contradiction and Michelle van Aswegen, a Pretoria based photographer.

When Michelle was asked about the best thing she’s seen in a while, she spoke about The Cool Capital Initiative, taking place in Pretoria. The Cool Capital Initiative provides a platform for all creatives to become involved in revamping the notion of their city. It’s a fantastic initiative that rallies people together, expresses love for the capital, and encourages people to pitch in to improve it.


Thinking you’d like to see more of Michelle’s interview and some of her photography? You can do so in the latest issue of the NICE Magazine – available for (free) download, just click on the image below:

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via: Cool Capital Biennale

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