The Best Thing: Heile Gänsje

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As part of their interviews in the latest issue of NICE Magazine, we asked our contributors what the best thing they had seen online was.

Now, if you’ve been following the blog over the past two weeks, you might remember reading about Chelsea Hantken’s best thing being on some pretty risque nude photography.

Doyelle Blane Muise just blew that out of the water. Unless you’re not a fan of your job and enjoy disciplinary hearings, it’s advisable to watch this at home, in your own time. Here’s your official warning: This video is NSFW.

Doyelle told us about a trippy twelve-minute video that follows a boy called Max through a key moment in the understanding of his identity and sexuality. It involves young love, lube and copious amounts of illegal drug activity. The video is called Heile Gänsje and it was created by Matt Lambert.

Here it is if you’re interested. Very intense viewing. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Heile Gänsje from Matt Lambert on Vimeo.

We promise, NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiciton is SFW (Safe For Work). If you leave it open on your screen you may even score some extra cool points. Download it here:

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