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As part of their interviews in the latest NICE Magazine, we asked our contributors what the best thing they’ve seen on the net was.

Kirstin Uken turned us onto this neat little Twitter account called Sketch Dailies (@Sketch_Dailies). According to their website, “Sketch Dailies is an international community of artists who create work based on a common theme. Artists of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to participate and submit their work to be shared on the Sketch Dailies page.”

The topics are posted on various social media platforms from Monday to Friday as inspiration. Artists are then encouraged to create their own unique works of art.

Kirstin Uken - Sketch Dailies

It’s a great place to find inspiration and practice your craft on a variety of topics. It’s also really nice to see the different interpretations of topics being brought to life by different artists.

If you’d like to read more of Kirstin’s interview, you can download NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction by clicking on the image below:

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