Throwback Thursday: Gerhard Human

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Here’s a little Throwback Thursday for you.

We had the fantastic Gerhard Human featured in the latest NICE Magazine. His illustrations are gritty, and his use of colour and movement is striking. You can see a few of them in the Art Fight editorial in NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction. Here’s the throwback part – a couple of Gerhard’s illustrations before his interview in NICEMag.



Since our interview last year, Gerhard has continued creating striking pieces of art. Here are some of his more recent illustrations that we thought we’d show you:





Pretty cool, right? If you’d like to see more of Gerhard’s work, you can head on over to his website.

Speaking of cool, rumour has it that this magazine is pretty cool. If you haven’t downloaded it, maybe you should?

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via:, NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction.

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