Week’s Recap: Monday 02 March – Friday 06 March

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Just in case you’ve been really busy this week, this is the post where you catch up on anything you may have missed from our series of NICE Magazine posts over the past week. Let’s get started.

The Best Thing: Heile Gänsje

Doyelle Blane Muise told us about a trippy twelve-minute video that follows a boy called Max through a key moment in the understanding of his identity and sexuality. It involves young love, lube and copious amounts of illegal drug activity. The video is called Heile Gänsje and it was created by Matt Lambert. We’re not putting a NSFW banner on it, because it’s Saturday. If you’re at work on Saturday, we’re sorry.

Doyelle Blane Muise


Throwback Thursday: Louis Minnaar

This week we revisited the work of Louis Minnaar, a Pretoria-based visual artist and jack of many trades, who has sampled almost every aspect of our local creative industry. We featured some of Louis’ work in the latest issue of NICE Magazine.

Louis Minaar Old1


Art Fight: Lize Marie Dreyer vs. Brent Swart

For our final Art Fight post, we had Lize Marie Dreyer going up against Brent Swart. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Lize and Brent do, you can check out Lize’s Behance page, or you can check out Brent’s Behance page.



While you’re here, don’t forget to download you very own copy of NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction:

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