Week’s Recap: Monday 09 February – Friday 13 February

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Haven’t had the time to keep up with posts from NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction this week? We’ll help you catch up. It’s a recap of the past week with handy little links to the content you may be interested in. So, without further ado, we bring to you, the Week’s Recap.


The Best Thing: The Dog from Pompeii

Alice Edy said that the best thing she’s seen online is an art installation called The Dog from Pompeii, created by Allan McCollum. The installation contains a series of casts made of a chained dog that was caught in the ash and lava of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.



Article Summary: Doyelle Blane Muise

Doyelle Blane Muise is a London-based photographer who works with still and moving imagery. She compiles the photographs she captures in collages, resulting in an evocative, sometimes risque final product.

Doyelle Blane Muise


Froback Friday: Gerhard van Wyk

Froback Friday we looked at the imaginative Gerhard van Wyk who we featured in NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction. Gerhard, who has created some awesome pieces, is the self-described head honcho at Thispencil Studios in Pretoria, South Africa.



Art Fight: Gerhard Human vs Kirstin Uken

The contributors for this installment of Art Fight are Gerhard Human and Kirstin Uken. You can head over to the blog post to cast your vote for your favourite.



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