Week’s Recap: Monday 16 February – Friday 20 February

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If you’ve missed out on any posts from NICE Magazine this week, you can catch up right here – The Week’s Recap.

The Best Thing: DeviantARTist ‘HelloDearThomas

Chelsea Hantken’s answer when asked what the best thing she’d seen online was that she came across some amazing photography by DeviantARTist ‘HelloDearThomas’. It may be a little bit NSFW – consider yourself warned.



Article Summary:  Michelle van Aswegen

Michelle van Aswegen is a  Pretoria-based photographer who takes striking, confrontational portraits that capture the unique flavour of each of her subjects. We caught up with her in the 13th issue of the NICE Magazine.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 09.38.57


Throwback Thursday: Nine and Three Quarters

Way, way back in 2012, we put together a little mini wishlist issue of NICE Magazine. We made compilations of the gadgets and gizmos we’d been eyeing all year (many of which still apply, if you’re looking to impress the Niceworkian in your life).

Behance 1


Throwback Thursday: Kirstin Uken

Last year we interviewed the insanely talented Kirstin Uken as part of our Art Fight feature in the Contrast & Contradiction Issue of NICE Magazine. Kirstin’s illustrations are delightfully spirited and she definitely held her own in our Art Fight editorial.



Art Fight: Candice Bondi vs. Luci Badenhorst

This week our Art Fight contributors were two of our very own, Candice Bondi and Luci Badenhorst. We’re lucky enough to be able to see them and what they do on a daily basis; unfortunately for you, this may not be the case. Head on over to the post and vote for your favourite.



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