It’s weekend!

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Oh yes! Weekend is here! Whether you are going out or staying in, here are some websites you can loose yourself in. The majority of them are single-serving sites. Some are very useful while others, others just plain entertaining.


1. Noisli
They say that white-noise can enhance creativity and productivity. This site presents a selection of background noises for both working and relaxing.

2. Down For Everyone Or Just Me?
Ever found yourself wondering if a website is down for everyone or if it’s just down for you? This website is a godsend for those moments.

3. Fbomb
Watch in real time how often people tweet the F-Bomb around the globe.

Ever wondered why you shouldn’t use a JPEG for your logo or need a handy way to explain why to a client? Look no further.

5. Cloudpaint
Finally you can re-live the magic of MacPaint online!

6. Un hear It
Suffering from an ear worm? Have a particular song stuck in your head? Don’t worry, the best cure for that is to replace it with an other catchy song. Fortunately there’s a website for that!


7. Colourcode
If your in search of the perfect colour scheme, perhaps Colourcode is the right tool for you.

8. How Many People Are In Space Right Now?
Find out how many people are currently living in space.

9. NameChk
Check to see if your desired username is still available on dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Perhaps the ideal tool for an expectant parent looking for the best name for their child?

10. Here Is Today
Get some perspective on your day with this great interactive infographic that examines time.

11. The 90s Button
Need to quickly relive the 90s? Check out The 90’s Button, offering instant music from the 90s at the click of a button.

12. CandyBox 
Have you played CandyBox? It’s a pathetically addictive ASCII web game. You’ve been warned!

Well, there you go! Happy weekend to all.

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Ross grew up on the wrong side of the Jukskei. He studied at Vega and was awarded the Top Student prize at his graduation. After working as a freelancer for four years, he founded Nicework with Ben Vorster. He has a penchant for Scandinavian wood furniture and really nice shirts. He is open to bribery- all iPads are welcome. He also likes chocolate cake and is happily married.

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