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It’s no secret that the Nicework team works and plays together, and our newest obsession for beer o’clock on Fridays has been the addictive party game Cards Against Humanity. Beginning its life as an enormously successful Kickstarter project, the game has become the darling of “horrible people” everywhere, ourselves included. We’ve even begun expanding our deck with our own bonus cards featuring silly inside jokes and jabs at our team members.



Imagine our delight, then, when we saw Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin’s insightful talk at CreativeMornings Chicago, appropriately themed on the topic of “Play“. Now not only will we continue playing offensive party games on company time, we shall do it guilt-free under the guise of introspection and self-discovery.

Interested in the talk? You can watch it below. And if you’d like to attend CreativeMornings, you can come join us in Jo’burg or find a talk in your city!

P.S. If you’re interested in playing a game or five of Cards Against Humanity… come on over.

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Ross grew up on the wrong side of the Jukskei. He studied at Vega and was awarded the Top Student prize at his graduation. After working as a freelancer for four years, he founded Nicework with Ben Vorster. He has a penchant for Scandinavian wood furniture and really nice shirts. He is open to bribery- all iPads are welcome. He also likes chocolate cake and is happily married.

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