Nicework Reads – Week 41: 2019

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A window into what’s come across our screens tables this week at Nicework.

Adobe is cutting off users in Venezuela due to US sanctions

Adobe is shutting down service for users in Venezuela in order to comply with a US executive order issued in August that prohibits trade with the country. The company sent out an email to customers in Venezuela today to let them know their accounts would be deactivated, and posted a support document further explaining the decision.

Why are some languages spoken faster than others?

WERE THIS article written in Japanese, it would be longer. A Thai translation, meanwhile, would be shorter. And yet those reading it aloud, in either language or in its original English, would finish at roughly the same time. This peculiar phenomenon is the subject of new research which finds that languages face a trade-off between complexity and speed. Those packed with information are spoken slower, while simpler ones are spoken faster. As a result, most languages are equally efficient at conveying information.

Forward Focus: Insurers can use social media posts, info to increase rates

Advertisers and insurers have your personal information at the tip of their fingers. Some companies are using it as a way to learn a little more about you and how much of a risk you are.

“So for example this insurance company, all that data that’s out there, the public stuff, they can take that, run it through software and determine on an individual ‘ok what are the predictions on this persons behavior.”

A global view for the end of the week:


Track sharks, turtles, alligators, seals, whales, and dolphins around the globe. Some of them have names like Gale the Whale.

Like what Ocearch is doing? You should see how we track progress on projects. Tell us about your next project.

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