Nicework Reads – Week 39: 2019

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Here are some of the things that we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to at Nicework this week.

Search Your Feelings

They started out benign, a group committed to peace and prosperity in the galaxy. Slowly, they aggregated power and, wanting to maintain that power, turned to the dark side. They built a weapon 900km in diameter, staffed by hundreds of thousands of personnel and robots. Of course I’m talking about the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station commanded by Governor Tarkin — and also Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

How to Run More Effective Brainstorm Sessions

Think-Pair-Share is a collaborative brainstorming technique that mines the collective genius of a group in such a way that all voices are heard and a greater number of ideas can be generated. The exercise is simple and can even be applied beyond brainstorming scenarios to effectively generate new thinking and elicit ideas from all members of a group.

The best UX design of 2019

Honorees of the 2019 Innovation by Design Awards in the UX category.

11 form design guidelines

Forms are a necessary component of any website; be it contact forms, payment details, account creation, lead generation, etc, users definitely need to interact with some sort of form when using your product. The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the key guidelines which I follow when it comes to designing better forms.

What we’ve been watching:

Eyeo 2019 – Chris Barr

Eyeo 2019 – Chris Barr from Eyeo Festival on Vimeo.

What’s with all of these immersive experiences? Chris Barr has a theory. And he brought along some audio recordings from friends to help explain.

We like reading and watching but we like doing even more. Have something you’d like us to do? Tell us about it.

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