A deeper dive into the Cesspit of Brand Communication

One More Question - The Cesspit of Brand Communications https://www.nicework.co.za/nice-blog/podcasts/one-more-question-an-offer-no-one-can-refuse/ A fearless podcast by Nicework. DION CHANG, founder of FLUX TRENDS, speaks to ROSS DRAKES, about Generation Z, Dark Social and Trolls in the 21st Century.

The Cesspit of Brand Communication

So what is causing things to move from being discombobulated to  “it's really very complicated” in the world of brand communications? We recorded a conversation recently that opened Pandora's box for us. We are now in a dive into the complex state of affairs and the various issues brands have to face in the new [...]

Bringing Easter to life

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XggMH3SzOoI For the last few months, we have been working on a great campaign with the team from Ogilvy for Cadbury. Cadburys has launched a new range of chocolates (they are delicious) just for Easter. We were challenged with crafting and telling a multi-part story about the theft of this new range. An agile improv [...]

One More Question: An offer no-one can refuse

One More Question. Featuring a conversation with Loic Potjes, Managing Director from Disruptive Leap and Ross Drakes our founder, offering some practical insights in turning a business around or preparing for scale and exponential growth, in a world where speed to market separates legacy constrained businesses from profitable agile businesses, on an offer no-one can refuse. Tune in every two weeks to hear us ask more interesting questions with other interesting people we have encountered over the last 12 years

RadEO with Conor Neill

http://radeo.co.za/episodes/17-radeo-with-conor-neill-from-vistage-spain/ In this episode of RadEO, our CEO Ross talks to Conor Neill, the president of Vistage Spain. They talk about how you are a vehicle for a project and one should realise your own potential and purpose. Finding meaning in suffering can help in not losing sight of your full strength. Conor gives his [...]

Design Students: No one cares about you…

https://youtu.be/u2qbDW_54E8 Are you looking for a new job? Are you entering the job market? Our CEO Ross delivered a Keynote at the Open Window Institute to their graduating class. His hope was to prepare and inspired them to take on the job market with a different perspective in mind. Take what you have learnt and [...]

Making personalised videos beautiful: Nicework and Infoslips

Infoslips create personalised video for companies, resulting in a higher engagement and learning retention rate for the viewer.To illustrate the possibilities of these unique videos, Nicework created the fictional brand 'Veracity'. The story follows a Veracity employee on his unique journey at the company he works for.  The design allows for many moments of personal [...]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg turned 5 we made it happen

Building the creative community in Johannesburg and South Africa are very close to our hearts. Which is one of the reasons we have been running CreativeMornings in Johannesburg for the last 5 years. Since September 2017 we have hosted 53 talks for 3253 different people.  https://vimeo.com/292301817 There was even a photo booth https://vimeo.com/292935017 Special thanks [...]