One More Question: Andy Golding and Brad Shorkend (Part II)

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Episode #16 of One More Question forms part II of our conversation with Andy Golding and Brad Shorkend, co-CEOs of Still Human.

In this episode, Ross, Andy, and Brad discuss why you shouldn’t just hire for culture fit, why your organisation shouldn’t be a ‘family’, the value in creating a sense of belonging, and how to lay the groundwork to do so.

More about Andy 

Andy Golding is an employee experience specialist and co-founder of Still Human. Her primary focus and area of impact is businesses relevance in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this she works with companies to craft and build cultures that are always innovation ready as well as designing employee experience to ensure that people are being switched on and grown. She assists companies and leaders in businesses across diverse sectors from start-ups to established, century-old organisations to become places where the best talent wants to work, chooses to come to and where they thrive.

Andy became fascinated about the impact that employee experience creates in performance, retention and business execution capability and this fascination led her to embark on a massive

research exercise that included spending time inside some of the best companies to work for, both locally and abroad. The findings hereof, combined with her personal experience working in different environments, culminated in her starting a business focused on company culture and employee experience, which later merged into Still Human.

A keen researcher and blogger, Andy (also known as the team’s resident geek at Still Human) has written for and continues to contribute to many publications at the forefront of human capital and employee experience design. She is the co-author of ‘We Are Still Human’, and was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘50 Top South African Business Women to Watch’ in 2018.

More about Brad 

Brad Shorkend is an agitator and thought provoker. He works with business leaders around the world helping them stay innovation ready and create exceptional employee and customer experiences that translate into kick-ass innovation, constant relevance, and significant revenue.

He walks his talk as a leader, entrepreneur and innovator and is currently an active shareholder in multiple businesses across numerous sectors (fashion, tech, real estate, co-working and learning, to name a few).

Brad is a published author of the book ‘We Are Still Human’, co-authored with his business partner, Andy Golding, in 2018. He is also adjunct faculty at GIBS and Duke CE.

Brad has been coaching, mentoring and facilitating across all industries since 2007 working primarily with leadership at all levels of organisations, high potential individuals, teams and entrepreneurs. His clients are an exciting array of many of the top blue-chip organisations in South Africa and globally as well as exciting early-stage start-ups.

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