Typography Experiment by Carlos de Toro

Reading Time: 2 minutes Carlos de Toro is a Spanish graphic & type designer currently based between Barcelona & Logroño. He’s deeply interested in type, branding, and editorial design. Recently he shared a quite interesting project on his Behance page –  he played with the idea of overlapping different designs to create a new typography style from it. The […]

The insane mundane

Reading Time: 2 minutes French designer Thomas Rouzière draws ordinary moments from everyday life with an artistic flair. His illustration style of only using two colours creates the idea of  looking through 3D glasses. This style makes the mundane look insane. His unique style that creates cinematic imagery out of the bustle and mess of mundane tasks like cooking or studying. […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Črtomir Just has gloriously explored the world of golden wonders, literally turning our favourite items into gold – and I am loving it. His series of 3D artworks capture the beauty of the ordinary, with a touch (or generous dollop) of gold. This obsession is far from being over.   Design missing that special touch? Find out how […]