Flame Grilling McDonald’s Fans

Reading Time: 2 minutes With a wealth of information at our fingertips today, it’s easy enough to perform a five minute search on your smartphone, claim fan status and profess your undying love for a brand or product, without ever having interacted with it (or heard of it) before. This begs the question, if you’re trying to find the […]

Labels are for cans, not for people

Reading Time: 2 minutes Coca-Cola has changed once again, this time to join the global movement for equality. By removing its own label off its products, Coca-Cola promotes a world without labels and prejudices. Dubai-based agency FP7/DXB, created special cans for the month of Ramadan that feature only the iconic Coca-Cola ribbon graphic  and the message, “Labels are for […]

Marketing Magic

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new day; a new generation!  Generation Y (in South Africa demarcated as born between 1982 and 1994) is not exactly known for an extensive attention span or great brand loyalty.  This group however makes up a major part of the workforce, contributing to the economy today.  Social media and lots of quick, visual and […]

Paul Rand’s Thoughts on Design

Reading Time: 3 minutes Paul Rand entered the advertising world as a young graphic designer in the 1940s when advertising used to consist of copywriting paired with an image, giving little thought to the overall company or visual identity. He became a major force in rethinking the visual impact of post-World War II advertising, designing iconic logos for corporations […]

Art Director Club Festival Awards 2014 ID’s

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you think about Art Directors and Awards, there’s a visual image that comes to mind, generally. One of them is the obvious gold, silver and possibly bronze awards which generally are shaped out of humans with some obscure connection to a main theme. However, the Art Director Club Festival Awards offered something different. By […]

When a pixel can speak a thousand words

Reading Time: < 1 minute Some times not showing something can say a lot. Clever concept from Memac Ogilvy & Mather uses pixelation to convey the idea that “Censorship tells the wrong story” I love Obama’s facial expression. We might run off and make some of the olympics… Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Executive Creative Director: […]

Clever you advertising man you

Reading Time: < 1 minute Although I have not been swept up in the glut of vintage mania that is spreading across the planet faster than Justin Bieber. This ad campaign is very clever. I wonder if they manually edited the stuff out or used this amazing thing from a big company. I love it when people achieve a lot with very little. Spot on TunnelBravo. via […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute Renowned designers Steven Heller and Louise Fili have recently co-authored and published a book titled “Scripts: Elegant Lettering from Design’s Golden Age”. The book focuses on various examples of typography advertising, street signs, invitations, type-specimen books, personal letters from the 19th and 20th Century. “Scripts is a celebration of script letters, alphabets and fonts from […]