4 seconds of Amazeballs, many times.

Reading Time: 1 minute Look at these amazing 4 seecond animations by Animator and Director – Fraser Davidson, Actor and Writer – Dan Jones and Producer – Matthew Harvey. They can achieve a lot in 4 seconds and it is always funny! They are a fun take on the A to Z of London. We are keen on making ‘n […]

Good Books “Metamorphosis”

Reading Time: 2 minutes An animation masterpiece from the guys at Buck made for good books. This is the kind of animation that makes us all want to keep going or give up. Share this video to spread the word…Why? Because every cent we make supports charitable projects. Providing water, sanitation, access to education and seeding sustainable agriculture across the […]

Love Is Making Its Way Back Home

Reading Time: 1 minute “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” is an amazing music video by Josh Ritter. This video was made with 12000 pieces of paper using no effects. Director : Erez Horovitz Concept : Sam Cohen + Erez Horovitz Illustrator : Sarah Graves Text Illustrator : Savannah Wolf Lead Production : Marlie Pesek + Eric Giordano […]

Peugeot — The Making of Just Add Fuel

Reading Time: 1 minute Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the new Peugeot TV advert, made entirely from paper-craft. Designer: Kyle Bean Director: Joseph Mann

Streamschool (Patakiskola)

Reading Time: 1 minute Streamschool is an amazing animation made from various textiles, it was a BA graduation animation for (MOME) Moholy- Nagy University of Arts and Design in 2010. Streamschool (Patakiskola) from Péter Vácz on Vimeo. Director: Péter Vácz Background: Kati Egely Narration: Piroska Molnár Music: Yvein Monq Tutor: József Fülöp Translation: Joseph Wallace

A Little Boat that warms my Heart

Reading Time: 1 minute Nelson Boles‘ animation ‘Little Boat’ is amazing. It is so delicate and well observed. Really, really lovely. The timing, attention to detail are amazing. Nelson really capture you emotions with an inanimate object. Spot on Nelson, spot on. He is currently in the ONECLOUDFEST Fall Competition: onecloudfest.com/festival/competition/?p=3&pa=a&id=103 show some love by liking! Via (FormfiftyFive)

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Reading Time: 1 minute This is an awesome animation to Late Night Tales by MGMT MGMT – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything from oneedo on Vimeo. Directed by Ned Wenlock Character animation by http://rodneyselby.wordpress.com/ Produced by Georgiana Taylor