Una pieza más

Reading Time: 1 minute Una pieza más is one of the coolest animations I have seen. It has such awesome character design and an all round beautiful look and feel. Una pieza más – Marian Ruzzi y Sr. Amable from BASA estudio on Vimeo. Music: Marian Ruzzi y Sr. Amable Animation: BASA Illustration: CARACRIMEN

Lilli Carré

Reading Time: 1 minute Lilli Carré is a illustrator and printmaker, she also draws comics and makes moving pictures. Her books are especially splendid for their seemingly innocent illustration and eerie story lines. Lilli was born in 1983 in Los Angeles and currently lives in Chicago. See her work on vimeo or at the Eyeworks festival      

Fluid Type

Reading Time: 1 minute Skyrill has created these amazing 3D typographic characters. Check out their blog for a full set of characters Skrill Type Fluid Experiment “Z” from Skyrill.com on Vimeo. Type Fluid Experiment “A” from Skyrill.com on Vimeo.

Light Painting

Reading Time: 1 minute Dentsu London has created a way to make 3-dimensional animation using an iPad. The 3-dimensional object become visible when you take photographs at a slow exposure, then collecting them together in the form of a stop-motion animation. Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Loose Fit

Reading Time: 1 minute Loose Fit – Table Beggar is an amazing hand crafted music video. The video was initially shot at 12 frames/second with a stills camera and then printed and painstakingly each frame was hand torn and then fabricated into its final form as a stop-motion. Loose Fit – Table Beggar music video from Abbie stephens on […]