Creativity at work

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vallée Duhamel is a studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, that specializes in high quality lo-fi video, visuals and installations. Favouring a playful and experimental approach towards working, the pieces they create just ooze fun and a wonderful sense of delight! Their latest project for the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen takes you on an incredible journey […]

Art Director Club Festival Awards 2014 ID’s

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you think about Art Directors and Awards, there’s a visual image that comes to mind, generally. One of them is the obvious gold, silver and possibly bronze awards which generally are shaped out of humans with some obscure connection to a main theme. However, the Art Director Club Festival Awards offered something different. By […]

Jordan Gray

Reading Time: < 1 minute Jordan Gray is a jack-of-all trades. As a graphic designer, illustrator and art director at Bernstein-Rein, he manages to juggle many creative talents. Check out a few projects from his cool portfolio:  

Don’t Keep It To Yourself

Reading Time: < 1 minute A beautifully art directed print campaign for Wikipedia created by Jandl. The copy reads: “Don’t keep it to yourself. Spread your knowledge to millions on Wikipedia. Become an author at Wikipedia 10 years of contributions by people like you.” via: I believe in advertising