Article Summary: Sean Tucker

Reading Time: 2 minutes For NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction we embarked on a journey with the hope of creating a photography feature in which we could showcase the work of old school purists and new school adventurers. To our delight we came across Sean Tucker, who appears to be a bit of both. Sean is a photographer living and working […]

Article Summary: Beverage Showdown

Reading Time: < 1 minute Apart from the cats versus dogs conundrum, nothing has caused more bloody conflict over the years than the question of “tea or coffee?” Johannesburg’s café culture has seen exponential growth over the last few years, which makes it the perfect battleground for settling the score once and for all. We dispatched Nice Magazine representatives all […]

Week’s Recap: Monday 16 February – Friday 20 February

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve missed out on any posts from NICE Magazine this week, you can catch up right here – The Week’s Recap. The Best Thing: DeviantARTist ‘HelloDearThomas Chelsea Hantken’s answer when asked what the best thing she’d seen online was that she came across some amazing photography by DeviantARTist ‘HelloDearThomas’. It may be a little bit […]

Article Summary: Michelle van Aswegen

Reading Time: < 1 minute Michelle van Aswegen is a  Pretoria-based photographer who takes striking, confrontational portraits that capture the unique flavour of each of her subjects. We caught up with her in the 13th issue of the NICE Magazine. In her interview, Michelle spoke about procrastination in the form of self-portraiture, her admiration of other local photographers, rock climbing, and […]

Week’s Recap: Monday 09 February – Friday 13 February

Reading Time: 2 minutes Haven’t had the time to keep up with posts from NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction this week? We’ll help you catch up. It’s a recap of the past week with handy little links to the content you may be interested in. So, without further ado, we bring to you, the Week’s Recap.   The Best Thing: The […]

Article Summary: Doyelle Blane Muise

Reading Time: < 1 minute Doyelle Blane Muise is a London-based photographer who works with still and moving imagery. She compiles the photographs she captures in collages, resulting in an evocative, sometimes risque final product. Doyelle does this to capture the things that she finds beautiful, showing people the world from her point of view. If you like the world from Doyelle’s point of […]

Week’s Recap: Monday 02 February – Friday 06 February

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve had a really busy week and haven’t had the time to keep up with posts from NICE Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction, then this post is just for you. It’s a quick catch up of the past week with handy little links to the content you may be interested in. The Best Thing: Cool Capital […]

Article Summary: Mathieu St-Pierre

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian glitch artist who manipulates video files to create pieces of art out of corrupted pixels. Mathieu’s work being quite exceptional, we felt that we needed to capture a little bit more of who he is and what he is about. In his featured article in Nice Magazine: Contrast & Contradiction, […]

Week’s Recap: Monday 26 January – Friday 30 January

Reading Time: 2 minutes We love you guys so much we’re giving you a quick recap of what we posted from the NICE Magazine this week. If you’ve missed anything, you can get a quick link to it here. Without further ado, here we go… Article Summary: Chelsea Hantken (Wednesday 28 January 2015) Chelsea Hantken is a profound, soulful, freelance illustrator […]