Nostalgic Beats from DJ Opiuo

Reading Time: 2 minutes What do you get when you combine 240 audio cassettes, 5,600 feet of video tape, 108 floppy discs and 1 retro walkman? A happy upbeat music video that tickles your nostalgic bones all over – add flashbacks to favourite video games like Tetris or the Brick Wall Breaker and you’re a gonner! Australian animation studio Dropbear […]

HP Tree House

Reading Time: 2 minutes Want to feel like a rich ewok or some other lucky tree-dwelling creature? The HP Tree House is a residential home in a densely forested area of  Mount Whitfield, Australia. The house is designed by MMP Architects and supported by a galvanized steel support framework to minimize impact on the surrounding vegetation. An eco-friendly focus […]

Drowning World

Reading Time: 2 minutes Photographer Gideon Mendel documented individuals affected by massive flooding in the UK, India, Haiti, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand as part of his on-going project titled Drowning World. I really love the stillness of his portraits, it emphasizes the emotion brought out when dealing with mass destruction. “I chose to shoot on film, using old Rolleiflex […]

Drew House

Reading Time: 2 minutes Created by Simon Laws, Drew House is an eco-friendly, self-sustaining family dwelling on the Eastern Queensland coast near the Great Barrier Reef. “Two pavilions containing the living, bathing and sleeping areas create a luxury camping atmosphere. The separate entities allow privacy during family group activities. Positioned amidst a landscape of bloodwoods and palms at a […]