Reading Time: 2 minutes MOCA is an architecture and design office working out of São Luís, Brazil. Creation, for MOCA Architecture, is to organise space possibilities within an environment. Each unique project generates a new composition, uniting visuality and results in a functional way.   Working with the concept of form/counter form and a modernist aesthetic, Miligrama Design’s Rebeca Prado, Rodrigo Gondim and Victor […]

Black and White Anthropomorphic Illustrations

Reading Time: 2 minutes David Álvarez produces soft illustrations that seem to glow despite their often limited colour palette of black and white. The graphite scenes depict animals either interacting with or as humans, often donning elaborate garments while engaged in activities such as dancing or reading books. Mesoamerica is one of the illustrator’s favorite subjects to produce works around. […]

The Infinity Room

Reading Time: 2 minutes Legions of art lovers have been crowding into the newly opened Broad Museum in Los Angeles in recent weeks to succumb to the sensory immersion of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, a mirror-lined room illuminated with an infinitesimal galaxy of LED lights, a 45-second experience simulating the expansion of the cosmos and human perception Thousands […]

Serbian Influence

Reading Time: 2 minutes So I’ve been living with a Serbian fellow for the last few weeks, and in my quest to understand his origins I stumbled on some nice book cover illustrations. These clean designs were created by Jovan Trkulja for a Serbian writer called Matija Beckovic. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but if […]

Virxilio Vieitez & Robert Adams Photographs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Virxilio Vieitez is a Spanish photographer-  He carried out commissioned works, particularly intended for Galicians who had emigrated to Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela and wished to keep a visual record of their families in Galicia. Robert Adams is a photographer-  these are examples of his exhibitions, he documented the back roads of the US in the 60s […]