2012 London Olympics Designed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Given that the 2012 Olympics are in full-swing it seems like a fitting time to do a round up of all the Olympic-inspired design that has been floating around the internet recently. We hope you enjoy it. A retro-inspired poster by Andrew Maunders that draws influence from the design and typography of the 1948 Olympics […]

Ricky Linn

Reading Time: 2 minutes California-based graphic design student Ricky Linn was given a project to reinterpret US Federal Budget Reports to be more accessible and visually appealing. “My take on it was to provide readers with bite-sized information for each of the 15 federal departments of the executive branch of the U.S. The covers reflect their respective departments that […]

The Warfare of Deception

Reading Time: 2 minutes A basic field guide consisting of 6 individual sections: Survival, Objective, Protocol, Safety, First Aid, and Communication. The booklet is impeccably designed by Neuarmy – great colours, nice typography…just a top notch job.