Animal Agency

Reading Time: < 1 minute Borja Bonaque created these unique business cards for New York branding and advertising studio Animal Agency. Each card represents an animal from each member’s country. What a great way to show cultural diversity. via: design work life

The Hungry Workshop

Reading Time: < 1 minute Take a look at the great work coming out of this Australian letterpress studio: The Hungry Workshop. Here are their business cards: And here is a little video about their process:  Aim True { Letterpress with The Hungry Workshop } from Simon Hipgrave on Vimeo.


Reading Time: < 1 minute Anagrama is a Spanish design agency that was come up with some really inventive branding ideas for business cards. Below are two I particularly liked. Estudio Habitat business cards – for an architectural firm that wanted to foreground the idea of space, aesthetics and diversity. Circular business cards that fold into a taco shape for …

AFOM business cards

Reading Time: < 1 minute Melbourne-based design company A Friend of Mine has recently created business cards that reflect a professional yet fun image. This is achieved by having a simple brown business card with colourful sides. They describe the concept as “business on the front, party on the sides”.