The Best Thing: Pope John Paw

Reading Time: < 1 minute As part of their interviews in the latest issue of NICE Magazine, we asked our contributors what the best thing they had seen online was. This week our featured contributor is Candice Bondi. Candice said that the best thing she’s seen online in recent times is a picture of a little dog that must think […]

Week’s Recap: Monday 16 February – Friday 20 February

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’ve missed out on any posts from NICE Magazine this week, you can catch up right here – The Week’s Recap. The Best Thing: DeviantARTist ‘HelloDearThomas Chelsea Hantken’s answer when asked what the best thing she’d seen online was that she came across some amazing photography by DeviantARTist ‘HelloDearThomas’. It may be a little bit […]

Art Fight: Candice Bondi vs. Luci Badenhorst

Reading Time: 2 minutes Another week gone by and another Art Fight post, just for you. This week our Art Fight contributors are two of our very own, Candice Bondi and Luci Badenhorst. We’re lucky enough to be able to see them and what they do on a daily basis; unfortunately for you, this may not be the case (unless you […]

Nice Totes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hello, everyone! Welcome to the tote vote. We at Nicework sometimes like to do things just because they are fun and we like them. The last exciting internal project we worked on was our Nice Notebooks, which we gave to our clients because we love them and they smell nice. You may remember them from […]