Mon Choco’s branded story

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mon Choco’s brand, created by Mexican design and branding company, Futura, tickles the tastebuds and delights the visual senses. Based in Ivory Coast, Mon Choco celebrates working with cocoa for generations. Futura created a beautiful pattern/illustration that tells the story about the people of Ivory Coast and the way they harvest the cocoa, respecting the traditions in order to make delicious versions […]

Chocolatexture by Nendo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Monday! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this past weekend, here are some chocolates for you. When Oki Sato of Nendo was asked to design a set of chocolates to mark his achievement as Maison et Objet’s Designer of the Year, he came up with this beautiful concept involving tactile sensations as described by […]

Chocolates with Attitude

Reading Time: 2 minutes Denmark based,  Bessermachen, recently designed some awesome packaging for some sweet chocolatey treats. Each little box of chocolates is based on a different personality, which are each represented by both a quote and a specific type of chocolate, making each little box truly unique. Although we may not be able to enjoy these delicious goodies through our screens, […]

Hummm Cafe

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brazilian graphic designer João Ricardo Machado this bright and friendly visual identity and packaging  for Hummm Ice Cream Store.  The visual treatment is inspired by Hummm’s catch phrase: “There’s this beautiful land where everything is sweet and the rain drops are made of Ice Cream, Milkshake, Coffee and Chocolate. Hummm”.