The Mixed Media Sketchbooks of Gosia Herba

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gosia Herba mixes gouache, collage, pencils, crayons, and watercolour to create beautiful compositions in her sketchbook. She illustrates people, animals, and objects in an abstract way that gives them a round, puffy presence. The general feeling of her sketchbook is happy and playful, but also mysterious because in a handful of the paintings you can see the characters […]

The School of Life tells us Why Design Matters

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Thursday everyone! We have had the lovely opportunity to have Marié Serfontein intern here at Nicework, and asked her if she has anything interesting to share with us – and she did!  <insert drumroll here> Life is crammed with questions. Quick questions, hard questions, silly questions, sobering questions, life-changing questions – even ones that fit into […]

Danil Polevoy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ukranian artist Danil Polevoy creates wonderful photo collages that create a mash up between historical imagery with pop culture. These are a few I liked: Watchmen/The Nameless Soliders, Germany, 1914 The Kiss Orchestra, Wisconsin, circa 1931 Adolf Hitler and works of art, 1941 Mrs Parker and Son, Washington DC, circa 1918 The first McDonalds restaurant, […]