CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Color | Tickets now available

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Monday, everybody! To kick off your week on a high note, we have released tickets for this month’s CreativeMornings Johannesburg talk with Anthea Pokroy. It’s happening on Friday morning from 8.30 to 10 at the Nicework offices, and it’s our BIRTHDAY! We’ll be very sad if you don’t come. Better go grab your seat. […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Color | Anthea Pokroy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Happy Hump Day, everyone! Don’t worry, in just two sleeps it will be Friday. And then seven sleeps after that, you can come to CreativeMornings Johannesburg, and check out our fantastic speaker – Anthea Pokroy! Anthea Pokroy is a Johannesburg-based artist and photographer. She obtained her BA Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand […]

CreativeMornings Johannesburg: Color

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello there, dear readers! We are pleased to announce that September’s global theme for CreativeMornings is “Color” – selected by the Paris team, who we had hoped by now would know better than to spell it the American way. As we say in Johannesburg, sies. Watch this space for more exciting news about our speaker, […]

Headspace for color

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lesley Barnes has only very recently described herself as an illustrator. She actually studied English at university, although she have always loved drawing. For that reason she always feel a bit guilty describing herself as an illustrator as she has no formal training. She  loves books and especially the cover design of old Penguins. She also loves animated […]

Geometric illustration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Siggi Eggertsson, originally from Iceland but now living in Berlin, says that graphic design combines two of his favorite hobbies, computers and drawing. His work has a very distinctive styl which I would refere to as geometrical illustration. It can easily trick your eyes and it is sometimes beter to get up and look at the artwork from a […]