Anastasia Pather

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anastasia Pather is a practising fine artist who received her BFA from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2010. She is a finger painter, quiet performer and female concerned with surface and the duality of objects. Her work explores the architecture of memory and the politics of colour. Although she understands her process as an […]

Minimalist Album Covers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can you guess the album cover? This is a series of minimalist posters created by the designer Nicholas Barclay. Known for his distinctive style, Barclay deconstructed iconic album covers into simple colours and shapes. Barclay is the master minimalist design. We think these album covers are beautiful and rather nifty, don’t you?  

We Are Flowers, Melissa

Reading Time: 2 minutes A stunning, nature-inspired installation of over 20,000 translucent flowers to create a large immersive hanging surface in the New York flagship. The surface was designed specifically for the Melissa Gallery in New York with an engineered Mylar net made of over 4,000 unique pieces. These flowers are placed in a more natural arrangement to combine the […]

Sugar Office

Reading Time: 2 minutes Who needs stationery when you can have candy, everywhere! The designers from Food&Event had a lot of fun brightening and sweetening up the office with a good dash of sugar. Nicework’s sweet tooth is watering. (via Fubiz)   Nothing is as sweet as a well communicated brand. Take a look at Nicework’s secret recipe.

Magoz the great

Reading Time: < 1 minute Magoz is a freelance (nomadic) illustrator originally from Barcelona, planting his feet wherever feels comfortable. He develops beautifully simplistic, conceptual illustrations for publications around the world.  Through a poetic language, he focuses on the conceptual value of the images. The elements are reduced to the minimum, resulting in images using powerful colours, without strokes, gradients or ornaments but […]

Some Local Love: Danielle Clough

Reading Time: 1 minute Danielle Clough , a Cape Town-based designer and embroidery artist, creates wonderful embroidery pieces using bright thread and bold stitches. Some of her most inspiring pieces are flowers hung on the string on  vintage badminton and tennis rackets. You can explore more of her work in this gallery and over on Instagram.        

What’s for supper?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Monster diets are a much talked about topic in the recent events of signs of life on other planets…wait, it might be an unsupported fact but never the less it is indeed ranked with similar topics. Anyway these cute illustrated characters designed by Mark Bird are part of an impeccable collection of 24 unique and love-able […]

Sheffield Children’s Hospital gets a cheerful makover

Reading Time: 2 minutes No more dragging your kids to the hospital any more! Independent designer, illustrator & lecturer, Nick Deakin, has blown some fresh air and a substantial amount of colour into the Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s treatment rooms – making hospital visits a go-go rather than a no-go for kids. Working alongside the hospital’s charity arts programme, Artfelt, Nick infused the department with his bold characteristic […]

Why How What

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can choose to get lost in their website, or you can simply get a hardcover of their latest book Why How What, to find out what the Mingarro brothers from Brosmind are up to. The book serves as a momento to showcase who they are and what they do. What a fun duo! Currently they combine commercial […]