Reasons to be Creative Festival

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reasons To Be Creative is a conference for creatives to discuss the best in art, design, code and inspiration over three days and allow creatives of all kinds to network and explore other aspects of creativity. As a unique way to introduce the speakers, live footage was filmed to present each of the speakers with a […]

99% Conference 2011: Key Insights on Idea Execution

Reading Time: < 1 minute The 99% Conference. Inspiring and insightful, as always. The folks over at Behance know what they’re doing. And now they just uploaded a massive (!) recap of the conference. Here are some of my favorite quotes of the day: “What gets projects done for me is not inspiration. It’s curiosity and rigor.” – Andrew Zuckerman “The […]

2010 Flux Trend Review

Reading Time: < 1 minute Nicework has been commissioned to do the graphic design for the 2010 Flux Trend Review…powered by Blackberry. The conference will bring together influential thinkers and trendsetters in the fields of advertising, politics, popular culture and technology. These individuals will discuss and provide insight on business and lifestyle trends. Be sure to get there if you […]