Mike Stopforth: Putting Your Worst Foot Forward

Reading Time: 1 minute Even the best of us run into days where the whole world seems to be working against us. In the “Good Old Days”, if a dude had a terrible service experience with a company, it was just tough tekkie for him. The worst he could do would be to go home and complain to his […]

Mike Stopforth: Shifting From Social Media To Social Business Thinking

Reading Time: 1 minute We here at Nicework are strong supporters of social media in an office environment – and not just because we like to creep on your holiday snaps in our lunch hour. We blog (clearly) in long and short form, we Facebook, we tweet. If it were the year 2002, we would be friending you on […]

Mike Stopforth: Social Schizophrenia

Reading Time: 1 minute It doesn’t matter the shade of lipstick on the pig – nobody wants to kiss it. The same goes for companies with a stellar social facade backed by the same bureaucratic nightmare that is the customer service department of many a massive corporation. Some brands (Taco Bell and SkittlesĀ spring to mind) seem to have the […]