Celeste Mountjoy, a witty 16-year-old mocking life’s dilemmas.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Celeste Mountjoy, aka Flithyratbag, is a witty 16-year-old artist based in Melbourne. She is wise beyond her years and her witty comments on everyday life are all too relatable. Her sketchy comic style and obscure (and terribly dark) sense of humour is something to behold. From politics and race to feminism and the anxieties of […]

When Science Fails

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well, here you are, online, on a Monday evening. Whether you’re tying up loose strings at the office (like me), surfing the net in front of the TV, or checking your phone while you’re out at the bar, Gizmodo’s “Weirdest Thing On The Internet Tonight” never fails to please. Here’s their latest ridiculous find: When […]