Illustrated travel numbers by María Hdez

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re planning an adventure around the world, you might want to follow these numbers. María Hdez, a Spanish illustrator and graphic designer, has created a series of illustrated numbers, each one of a different travel destination. This series shows Hdez’ favorite travel destinations which she has already visited, as well as her design skills. This series […]

Why do people like Hipsterism, Real and New Retro Design ?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maybe its just me, and maybe I’m totally off the mark but with the recent revival of New Retro Design and all things vintage and hipstery, a question kept popping to mind. WHY ? Why is it that creatives were suddenly drawn to hand-drawn, rustic, textured design ? Why was DIY Pallet Wood Furniture the […]

Is it a lamp? Or is it a plunger?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Who knew that something as unappealing as a toilet plunger would make such a great lamp. Danish furniture makers Says Who have created simple modern lamp that would be at home in any Dwell reader’s apartment.  I love the simple use of bamboo and the way the cord disappears into the plunger. We are also very partial […]