Mundane Monday

Reading Time: 2 minutes The mundaneness of repeating task is often tedious, but what if it was actually something beautiful? Perhaps this is Moli Studio’s take on the matter?Their video Endless takes a mono-colored world and adds in a series of machines which perform random tasks. In the context of the video though they’re oddly hypnotizing. ENDLESS is a […]

DEERZ Hand crafted goods

Reading Time: 2 minutes Deerz is an online store that specialises in a variety of goods such as sweaters, pullovers and rad Scandinavian patterns. The brand embodies a unique monochrome logo by use of stylistically unique lettering and imagery. The branding, specifically the logo design, places focus on an intricately concentrated design composed of significant forms such as patterns […]

LA NOTE Parfum papier tigre

Reading Time: 2 minutes La Note is packaging design created for an original and quirky perfume range. This design challenges the normality often associated with packaging design by introducing unique geometric shapes and an interesting use of colour. Stationery company Paper Tigre has used recycled paper, origami influenced design throughout the packaging design evidently illustrating an exclusive aesthetic perfume range.   […]

BLOK DESIGN Wayward arts magazine

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blok Design created this enticing and absolutely wonderful magazine in support of Canada’s design and arts community. The magazine places focus on “counterculture” and successfully communicates a more focused approach regarding the celebration of art, politics and design. Furthermore, the magazine illustrates a bold change in history as well as the expression of one’s belief that […]

Talk about typography

Reading Time: < 1 minute Los Angeles-based designer, Bill Dawson explores a diverse set of thoughts on typography by prominent creatives and type artists, capturing them in his ongoing poster series featuring an attractive blend of illustrations, color and typefaces.  ‘Typethos’, is composed of bite-sized quotes imparting tips and words of wisdom about the power and philosophies of typography, according to famous designers like […]

Designer. Illustrator. Thing Maker.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Keeping it local this Tuesday. Lauren Fowler is a South-African designer and Illustrator. Her illustrations are marvellously detailed and filled with whimsy.   Fowler’s shop, is a platform where she sells artwork, gift cards and cross stitch sets both locally and internationally. The artworks and greeting cards are for people who are looking for something a little […]

That’s the Spirit.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most commonly greeting cards communicate messages of appreciation, celebration or remorse. The messages being communicated can get lost within loud visuals or over emotive language use. If you prefer clear concise communication, these cards are for you. ‘Emotionless Cards’ is a collection of hilarious greeting cards that is brutally straightforward, and does not contain the […]

Labels are for cans, not for people

Reading Time: 2 minutes Coca-Cola has changed once again, this time to join the global movement for equality. By removing its own label off its products, Coca-Cola promotes a world without labels and prejudices. Dubai-based agency FP7/DXB, created special cans for the month of Ramadan that feature only the iconic Coca-Cola ribbon graphic  and the message, “Labels are for […]

Just Enough

Reading Time: 2 minutes This project called TypoSpective is a collection of common words designed in minimalistic and expressive forms. It gives words a space to perform and to interact with the audience, while avoiding visual distractions and complications. “ It gives words a space to perform and to interact with the audience, while avoiding visual distractions and complications. […]