If fonts were food

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lithuania-based visual communication studio primprim created a series that imagines what types of foods certain fonts would be. In the series, titled Taste the Font, primprim refer to the font, Times, “as traditional as fried eggs”. Comic Sans as rounded as marshmallows, and other fonts in their various matching foot counterparts. The exhibit was also completed […]

Presentation Design Masterclass: Using Fonts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hello everyone! Welcome to the third module of our Presentation Design Masterclass. In our last two modules, we discussed how to plan the perfect presentation, and create a document template that will set you up for success. By now, you’re probably excited to actually design something – so let’s talk about typography.   Selecting the […]

Upping Your Type Game by Jessica Hische

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have always been type nerds, but Jessica Hische is clearly passionate about fonts. She believes that designers should not have a favourite font, but a favourite type designer. In her article about upping your type game she covers: Does it come in a variety of weights? Does it have a nice x-height? Does it have a true […]