Delicious Lego Art

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Japanese LEGO creator has been tempting Lego fans with his tantalising LEGO-food creations. Going by the name Tary, he also builds Gundam robots and Star War characters, but it’s the food that’s led some to believe that Tary’s a Master Builder. There are only 40 Lego Master Builders worldwide, and each one is hand-picked […]

Having lunch with Everytap

Reading Time: 2 minutes Everytap is an app that rewards you for hanging out at your favourite cafés and restaurants. In the beginning phases, as with most products, it was just the name and logo… but then came the app. A bunch of Everytap mascots we introduced defined the spirit of the brand and brought a feeling of real fun! Find out […]

Play with your food

Reading Time: < 1 minute Instagram is overflowing with images of people having been eating and cooking. Norwegian Ida Skivenes (idafrosk)  however makes this and art, she recreates famous artworks using food “I aim to create as little waste as possible, eat tasty food and satisfy my creative side,” says Skivenes. The toast is her canvas, view her blog here or read more about the project here  

Madam Sixty Ate

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Madam Sixty Ate is a mysterious adventurer and eclectic writer who delights us with her palate and imagination. her world view is modern with a twist, mirroring the style of food. her surreal experiences and astounding stories are reflected consistently throughout the brand using paintings, journal entries within menus, coasters and ultimately through the cuisine.” […]

Hunger Pains

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ted Sabarese shoots people. All kinds of people, but especially relishes working with non-professional models and actors who don’t fit the traditional definition of beauty. His personal and fine art work have won wide, critical acclaim for their conceptual and graphic nature, and have been exhibited in galleries in both the U.S. and abroad. Each model’s […]

Jihyun Ryou – Shows us how to keep veggies fresh without a fridge

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this video Korean artist Jihyun Ryou talks about her storage solution for vegetables. It is even beautifully made out of wood and glass which we at nicework have a tendency to like…     Watch her great TED talk. Follow her in Twitter… or Don’t Thanks Leigh-Anne