Magazines are Nice

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can you say, ‘hello, inspiration’? With the release of our latest issue of the Nice Magazine, carefully choreographed with visual and narrative virtuosity, we couldn’t help but indulge further into a series of creative showcases from like-minded magazines featured from all over the world. Here is a directory of some of our favorites: Janine, the […]

Introducing the Nicework Presentation Masterclass

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hello, everyone! We at Nicework are very (very, very, very) excited to launch project we’ve been working on for a while – the Nicework Presentation Masterclass. It’s a weekly course designed to help you use clever planning and great design to propel your career to new heights with the best presentations ever. Here’s a quick […]

Just Designing: Cross-Pollination in Design Practice

Reading Time: 9 minutes Not so long ago, the Nicework team decided to start making a regular thing of presenting our ideas and experiences to each other – both to spread a little knowledge and brush up on our presentation skills. There are very few limits to what we can present on, as long as it seems interesting and […]