Re-Ply cardboard chair

Reading Time: 1 minute You know what the best thing is about this chair by Dan Goldstein? The seat is made from 100% reclaimed cardboard. You know what the second best thing is? It’s got the word ‘Furniture’ printed across its lower back. It’s a chair with a tramp stamp of its own name. You go, chair. Keep it sassy. […]

Furniture for Nerds

Reading Time: 1 minute We like furniture that is beautifully designed, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. Nørd, which is the Danish word for “nerd”, is an wooden chair designed by muuto. The chair features an innovative integration between seat and back – both appear to be the same piece repeated.

Forming History

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tino Seubert is a young product and concept designer. His “Forming History” project is a range of furniture inspired by important historical events. Using archival footage of a historical event, like the Nuremberg Trails or the Vietnam Conference,  he creates beautifully constructed furniture. What a great concept. We look forward to seeing future work by […]