An Immersive World of Visual Storytelling and Puzzle Solving in ‘Samorost 3’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prague-based Amanita Design, creators of the award-winning Mechinarium, recently released what may be their best game yet: Samorost 3. This deeply immersive puzzle game spans the ecosystems of 9 unusual planets as you encounter strange inhabitants and unlock increasingly complex secrets to advance to the next level. Amanita Design’s approach to creating completely non-verbal/non-textual games …

Past Times

Reading Time: < 1 minute This project by design student Anne Lee of Baltimore is a beautiful, minimal attempt at rebranding classic childhood games for a more mature and refined audience.We love the simple type and bright colours. The title “Past Times” is also a clever play on words – nice touch! via You and Saturation Photographs by Jackie Littman