LA NOTE Parfum papier tigre

Reading Time: 2 minutes La Note is packaging design created for an original and quirky perfume range. This design challenges the normality often associated with packaging design by introducing unique geometric shapes and an interesting use of colour. Stationery company Paper Tigre has used recycled paper, origami influenced design throughout the packaging design evidently illustrating an exclusive aesthetic perfume range.   […]

Webbed, geometric styled typography

Reading Time: 2 minutes Inspired by the 60s and 70s popular paint-by-numbers, the strategically placed needles or pins have created an interesting design for typographers to execute type forms. String typography makes use of the connection between the needles or pins with string or yarn, depending on the medium that artists prefer. String typography creates a 3D, geometric styled […]

The versatility of a font

Reading Time: 3 minutes When is comes to choosing the right typeface for your brand, it can be quite tricky – there seem to be endless choices from normal, conventional-looking fonts to bubbly, customised fonts, but how is anyone meant to choose? Typefaces are just as important to the visual effect of any design as images are. A good typeface will engage the […]

Magazines are Nice

Reading Time: 3 minutes Can you say, ‘hello, inspiration’? With the release of our latest issue of the Nice Magazine, carefully choreographed with visual and narrative virtuosity, we couldn’t help but indulge further into a series of creative showcases from like-minded magazines featured from all over the world. Here is a directory of some of our favorites: Janine, the […]

Geometric Mind

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Monday, everyone. Take a look at this wonderful series of geometric illustrations by Serbian designer Viktor Jan. This sort of project is a really nice reminder that sometimes it’s okay to just make beautiful work without rhyme or reason – vision and purpose is essential for good commercial design, but it’s also important to […]

Grey Singapore’s multinational typeface

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grey’s Singapore Group has tapped into it’s global roots to create a Multinational Typeface that reflects the combined heritage of over 100 different countries. The result is a vibrant geometric font that uses colours and shapes to symbolise a synergy between the many different cultures and nationalities (via IdentityDesign).  

Geometric illustration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Siggi Eggertsson, originally from Iceland but now living in Berlin, says that graphic design combines two of his favorite hobbies, computers and drawing. His work has a very distinctive styl which I would refere to as geometrical illustration. It can easily trick your eyes and it is sometimes beter to get up and look at the artwork from a […]