Cats Communication

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hong Kong born illustrator Cindy Suen has some handy hints and tips for us on cats and their body language. Informative and adorable – my two favourite things. Cindy also makes amazing gifs and animated doodads – you should go check out her delightful website and ridiculous tumblr. Right meow. via: Jezebel

Bespectacled Animated Gifs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Digital Artists, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, recently created a set of beautiful animated gifs featuring locations in New York as viewed through Armani eyeglasses. As objects and people move across the lenses they suddenly snap into focus, revealing the finer details of Times Square, Central Park and Grand Central Station. You can read more about this […]

The animated GIF before it’s time

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the year of 1987, CompuServe debuted the first animated gif. 155 years prior to that Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau revealed the Phenakistoscope, an invention that has been recognised as the first mechanism for animation. This simple piece of machinery relied on the persistence of vision principle to display the illusion of images in motion. Pretty cool right?   Via: […]


Reading Time: 3 minutes I was wondering around the depths of Behance when I came across this awesome exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnatti, Ohio. I would try and explain it to you, but they guys from Vasava do a much better job – “As creatives, we all have our trials and tribulations when it comes to work. […]