Nick Boraine talks on Childhood at CreativeMornings JHB

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hello, morning person! Happy Friday. What are you doing later? We are having an XBox dancing murder party. Want to come? Too bad. Cool people only. Sorry, bro. To assuage your grief, please enjoy the latest CreativeMornings JHB talk, featuring the ever charming and debonair Nick Boraine speaking on childhood, performance, truth and forgiveness. Many thanks […]

CreativeMorning: Childhood | GAC in Afghanistan

Reading Time: 2 minutes CreativeMornings Johannesburg’s January session is sold out! For those of you who nabbed tickets in time, here’s a little something to get you excited for the big day. If you didn’t make it, be sure to join the waiting list and start stabbing people*. In the mean time, have a look at Nick’s most recent […]

CreativeMornings: Childhood | Hold Your Tongue; Hold Your Dead

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ahead of director and performer Nick Boraine’s talk at CreativeMornings Johannesburg next Friday, we’ve been reading up on some of the groundbreaking work being explored by his friends at the Global Arts Corps. Today, we’re sharing a review of their play “Hold Your Tongue; Hold Your Dead”, which last year enjoyed a four-week residency at […]

CreativeMornings: Childhood | Global Arts Corps

Reading Time: 2 minutes In anticipation of next Friday’s talk by Nick Boraine on Rehearsing Forgiveness, have a look at this video detailing some fantastic work by the Global Arts Corps. Nick began work for the Global Arts Corps as an Assistant Artistic Director in March of 2011.  Through countless workshops and interactions with other performers, musicians, artists, ex-combatants and children he saw endless […]