Buenos Aires is All Geared Up

Reading Time: 2 minutes Buenos Aires has shifted gears in the attempt to make their city more environmentally friendly. With the involvement of design, communication channels have become remarkably more vibrant and unified in introducing bicycle usage as a viable transportation alternative.  Design speaks best when it serves society, and the vast scope of the community’s creative involvement can be seen in the following […]

Sky Garden Dream House

Reading Time: < 1 minute Urban architecture doesn’t always mean boring bricks and concrete. If we are free to shape the spaces around us in ways we want then it might even allow us to bring a bit of nature back to the neighbourhood. And if it looks this good… why not? via: Grievous Bodily Charm

111 Navy Chair

Reading Time: < 1 minute . The original aluminum 1006 Navy Chair was designed by Emeco in 1944. The new 111 Navy Chair uses 111 Coca-Cola bottles to create a plastic, environmentally-friendly version of the original. The design is expected to keep 3 million Coca-Cola plastic bottles out of landfills each year. . via: sub-studio design blog