Portraits from Africa

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rafael Comino Matas, a Spanish artist, uses one of the most inspiring, unique ways to capture his experiences in Africa –  journaling in the form of a sketchbook. He captures powerful portraits of people that he meets along the journey. His striking mix of different materials such as watercolor, pencil, and pen create beautiful effects in his […]

Getting Physical

Reading Time: 3 minutes Happy Monday, everyone! Today, things went pear-shaped at our offices – we arrived in the morning to find that the power was out. Whilst uprooting our lives and all our equipment to temporarily move Nicework into Ben’s house (which contained three lazy cats and a lot of delicious pasta), I had fair bit of time […]

Real Life Infographics – XXXXL

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most infographics are crafted on a computer, over the course of many hours. Coming Soon crafted some extra large real life infographics as a way to better connect and “humanize” them. By using dirt, wool, wood, paint and other crafty things, graphs and charts suddenly have a whole new life. That, and they played in the […]