NICE Magazine- Issue 2!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The second issue of NICE magazine is available now for download! Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive response we were able to generate another awesome issue of interesting creative work for you to feast your eyes on. Follow these instructions to get your own FREE magazine: Download either a PDF version or a WWF non-printable version. […]

NICE Magazine

Reading Time: 2 minutes . Nicework is expanding its empire! We have created a free downloadable magazine called NICE that showcases the cream of the creative crop. From art and illustration to design of all kinds we’ve rounded up the best for you to feast your greedy eyes on.  Why an online magazine? Well it saves the rain-forests for […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes We are currently working with a group of illustrators of a re-brand. Have a look at some of their work or click on their names to see more from their portfolio’s. Stay posted for an update when we are finished. ^ Theory 0ne ^ Louis Minaar ^ Shaun Botes ^ Mugnai ^ Wesley Van Eerden

The Trillogy Shoes

Reading Time: 1 minute We were asked to illustrate on some puma shoes for an issue of SL. Dononvan came up witht he idea of the trillogy shoes… If you look at them from the laft they are nike’s if you look at them from the right they are addidas and if you look at them from the back […]

Two cool events that will help make you a better person… not that we saying you need it

Reading Time: 1 minute There are two really cool colaborative exhibitions coming up, check them out they are both for good causes. Show some support, it will help other people and your Karma. The First one is: Night of a 1000 Drawings : Doodle for a Difference Thurs 27th November 19h00 Bus factory, 3 President Street Newtown, Jozi Bands […]