We Are Bito

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s easy as working creatives to let our internal work fall by the wayside, in favour of paid projects. That’s why when we see awesome self-promotional material like this lovely explainer by Bito, we get just a wee bit jealous. Got a minute? Check it out! We are Bito from Bito on Vimeo. If you …

Real Life Infographics – XXXXL

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most infographics are crafted on a computer, over the course of many hours. Coming Soon crafted some extra large real life infographics as a way to better connect and “humanize” them. By using dirt, wool, wood, paint and other crafty things, graphs and charts suddenly have a whole new life. That, and they played in the …

Austrian Parliament Infographic

Reading Time: 2 minutes Italian based designer, Stefano Marra, created a set of infographics for Datum magazine, on the topic of Austrian parliament and politicians. The seamless integration of information, in this case as text, and graphics, in this case illustration, is a true reflection of a beautiful infographic. Via: Behance

The Power of Pinterest

Reading Time: < 1 minute A lot of people write off visual bookmarking site, Pinterest, as a place for girls to hoard wedding inspiration. Fast Company recently released an infographic designed by Ted Keller to show the true impact that the site has, particularly in the field of e-commerce.

15 years VIB

Reading Time: < 1 minute Coming Soon did all the branding for VIB’s fifteenth anniversary event. Here are some images of the awesome job they did. 15 years VIB – Making of covers from Soon on Vimeo.

Information Blanket

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lack of education is one of the major contributing factors to infant mortality in third-world developing countries. The information blanket is a cotton infographic baby blanket designed for providing mothers with vital information about caring for their babies. The blanket, designed by Neil Powell, includes information ranging from healthy body temperature, feeding frequency, immunization and …

Too Cool for School

Reading Time: < 1 minute Going to school was bad for most people. Who knew it was bad for the environment too? Here is a beautifully designed infographic to prove it, from Column Five and Ethical Ocean.   via: Fast Company’s Co.Design