Whimsicle forrest flip books

Reading Time: 2 minutes Books have evolved consistently over time. First, it was your standard paperback, then we had pop-up books, and more recently, the shift to e-books and tablet reading. That shift is understandable given the digitisation of society. It’s an innovation that we all saw coming, but interactive books the size of humans – that’s a whole other […]

Loose lips recycles Ships

Reading Time: 2 minutes In Seoul, there’s a unique pavilion that looks oddly out of place. It’s only once you turn upside-down that you’ll realise what it really is: a rusty old ship. While most ships go to die in a scrapyard where they’re cut up and sold off, Shinslab Architecture gave this vessel a second chance at life. […]

New York is really getting that underground version of the High Line

Reading Time: 2 minutes Move over, High Line. New York City authorities have approved the plans to transform an abandoned trolley tunnel into the world’s first underground park: The Lowline. The subterranean park will be built on a former trolley turnaround point, which has been disused since 1948. It will feature sunken areas flooded with natural light and decorated […]

Flowers Bloom to Provide Shade and Light

Reading Time: 2 minutes Installed to beautify an urban space in Jerusalem, four interactive flowers bloom and close in a fluid response to the pedestrians that pass underneath their red, over-sized petals. Designed by HQ Architects, the public sculptures are 30-feet tall and dwarf those who choose to walk beneath and around their gargantuan motion-activated blooms. Depending on the season […]

Vincent Truter on Education and Cycology

Reading Time: < 1 minute Good morning to all the Creative Mornings enthusiasts out there! A little while ago, Vincent Truter, a cross disciplinary creative mind, gave us a very thought provoking talk on overcoming fear, using technology in more adaptable ways, green mobility and just being able to appreciate your surroundings. Truter is the recipient of multiple masters degrees obtained in […]


Reading Time: < 1 minute The “TERRA” Terrarium is designed by Fort Standard. The glass icosahedron is framed in hard maple wood and spins on top of a matching tripod base allowing the viewer to experience the plants from 360 degrees. To see some behind-the-scenes footage of how the terrarium was made, be sure to visit their blog.

Vegan Leather Fashion

Reading Time: < 1 minute Suzanne Lee is a fashion designer and director of the Biocouture Research Project. She has developed a way to create a leathery fabric from the cellulose strands created by Kombucha cultures. Using food dyes and other harmless ingredients, she has created a line of clothing using this remarkable new material. Here is the video of […]

Old bottles, New design paradigm.

Reading Time: < 1 minute The EcoARK in Taiwan is a huge step forward in re-use thinking. 1.5 million plastic bottles were recycled into new, “Polli-Bricks” and used in the construction of a 130m by 26m building that can be disassembled and re-assembled at will. The design of the Polli-Bricks allows them to fit together tightly and still exhibit amazing […]

Make art not war – Walton Creel

Reading Time: < 1 minute Walton Creel has an unique approach to his art. He uses a .22 caliber rifle to create portraits of animals on sheet metal. His choice of subject makes for an interesting artistic statement, as it uses a hunting weapon to immortalise things that would usually be hunted. A bringing to life rather than taking a […]