Connected Worlds

Reading Time: 2 minutes Connected Worlds, by interactive design studio Design I/O, is a gigantic installation that trades esoteric terminology for a sea of pixels. Installed at the New York Hall of Science, the room-sized exhibit revolves around a 48-foot digital waterfall that “pours” onto the floor. Kids can aim the resulting streams by damming around the space with […]

Pretend to be Happy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Monday, everyone! Last week, a delegation of Niceworkians went on an outing to the Design Indaba Simulcast here in Jo’burg. All the speakers blew our minds in their own way, but one of my favourites was Israeli musician and experimental filmmaker Yoni Bloch. Bloch introduced us to the interactive music video project he created […]

Interactive packaging

Reading Time: 1 minute Materie is a high quality wine cocktail which contains elderflower, Riesling grapes and mate. These three ingredients are included in the design. For each ingredient an icon is made and used to design the packaging  paper and the label. The coasters and the packaging paper will change from time to time and so the bottles could become collectors […]

Staggering Beauty… or staggering crazy

Reading Time: 1 minute I love it when people make things for no apparent reason. This great little interactive guy is very responsive and he lights up when you click and shake him around. It is more fun on a touch based device. Go and play with him now. I also love the very plain warning of  “Those at risk of epileptic seizures should […]