Delicious Lego Art

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Japanese LEGO creator has been tempting Lego fans with his tantalising LEGO-food creations. Going by the name Tary, he also builds Gundam robots and Star War characters, but it’s the food that’s led some to believe that Tary’s a Master Builder. There are only 40 Lego Master Builders worldwide, and each one is hand-picked […]

These minimalist posters show the beauty of table tennis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Table Tennis might not get as much hype as football or basketball, but it’s equally intense and fun. Japanese art director Yuri Uenishi created a series of minimalist posters just to show how beautiful the sport is. Made for the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships, the posters depict the minimal intensity of the game. It […]

Big in Japan: Creativity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recent research has highlighted the world’s fascination with Japanese design. Many people feel that Japan is at the forefront of creativity, and that this is having a huge impact on the ways in which the rest of the world creates and innovates. Adobe recently surveyed over 323 Japanese creative professionals to find out how they’re […]

MIKÔTO Japanese Cuisine

Reading Time: 2 minutes German based design companies, ADDA Studio and HOCHBURG Design recently created the corporate identity for Japanese restaurant, MIKÔTO. Everything about the branding is so simple and sophisticated. I’m sure their food is delicious but if the branding is anything to go by, I eat it all up in a second. Thinking you’d like to improve your brand? Have a look at […]

Papabubble: The Candy Shop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Japanese designer Yusuke Seki and Spanish designer Jaime Hayon collaborated to create this amazing sweet shop in Yokohama, Japan. The interior is designed to resemble a confectionery laboratory that highlights the process of sweet making. I like how the design manages to capture child-like fantasy within a very sophisticated and high-end interior. Images: Takumi Ota […]

Still for Japan

Reading Time: < 1 minute People from around the world are being still to honour those affected by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan. Still for Japan is a beautiful example of how students from VCU Brandcenter are letting the Japanese know that they are not alone. At the time of the post they had collected collected 12189 minutes for Japan. CSS3 […]